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INTX 231

INTX 231 – A patented gel for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

Presentation and Epidemiology

Mild – Moderate: “Morning Sickness” – occurs normally in 50 – 90% of all pregnancies

Severe: “Hyperemesis gravidarum” – 0.3 – 2% of pregnancies.

  • Mean onset @ 5-6 weeks gestation, peaks @ 9 weeks, usually resolves by 16-18 weeks
  • 60% of patients are asymptomatic following ~6 weeks of nausea
  • In 15-20% of patients, the condition continues to the 3rd trimester, and in 5% until delivery
  • 80% have nausea throughout the day (not just in the morning)

Treatment Today:


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Patch-Free Transdermal Gel

Avoid Oral Administration

The transdermal route is ideal for conditions — such as those characterized by significant nausea & vomiting — wherein the patient cannot tolerate medications administered via the oral-gastric route.

No “First Pass” Hepatic Metabolism

Transdermal administration also facilitates delivery of therapeutic concentrations of drugs with either poor oral absorption or significant intestinal or hepatic metabolism.

Engineered Duration of Action

By designing formulations appropriate to the conditions being treated, InteguRxTM can achieve therapeutic drug concentrations for up to 24 hours with a single application.

Pleasant and Convenient Dosage Form

A small quantity of clear gel dries in minutes and is neither sticky nor runny. Emollient properties of gels can enhance the therapeutic benefits perceived by the patient.

‘Smarter’ Drug Delivery